DUROSTAMP Tools has been selling press brake tooling and equipment since 2016. Our customers all over the world chosen us for our professionalism, experience and accuracy, both during production and delivery.

We believe in quality as an indispensable value and an essential characteristic of our products. Our high-tech machine tools, a well-stocked warehouse and continuous investments in technological research and development allow us to help our customers satisfy their every need and demand.

Our tools are made only with Italian special and carbon steel, hardened by induction on the parts subject to wear. This specific treatment guarantees tools with a surface hardness of 55-60 HRC, for a depth of up to 3mm.

During the grinding phase we check every detail – grinding wheel condition, grinding speed and workpiece setting – for both, standard and special tooling, in order to monitor the production performance and grant the achievement of the highest quality and efficiency.

We offer a wide range of accessories for press brakes: upper and lower adapters, manual and pneumatic clamping systems, tooling extensions and tool cabinets. Moreover, our internal technical office is able to analyse and study tailored bending projects in a timely and precise manner.